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Our Team

Anisa International is committed to providing innovative product design, manufacturing expertise and excellent client relations. The company highly values its clients, forming creative partnerships to bring client concepts to fruition and providing guidance and marketing assistance to create the best cosmetic brushes and beauty accessories on the market today.

Julie Scudder-Feldman

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Shannaz Schopfer

Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Jill MacRae

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Strategy

Jules Dykes

Vice President, Marketing & Communication

Cindy Lim

Vice President, Product Design

Daniel Chen

General Manager, Anisa Tianjin

Zhanna Gershanok-Moody

Director, Human Resources

Catie Helms

Director, Account Management

Stephen Moleski

Senior Director, Artistry and Education

Sarah Ernest

Director, Product Management

Natasha Miller

Director, Product Management