Corporate Sustainability


Creating a sustainable business has always been a driving value in our organization. Since opening our doors in 1992, we have consistently demonstrated our beliefs by exceeding social and environmental compliance requirements.


At the center of our global employee culture is honor, respect, and commitment to excellence.

10% Annual total company give back

90% Women in our workforce

96% Workforce participation in volunteerism

100% Compliance with fair practice standards and competitive pay

100% Paid time off for mental health & wellness


Leading with our manmade fiber offerings, and facilities in Tianjin and Jinghai, China, we create better-for-the-environmental solutions with less waste and lead the industry creating safer, cleaner product production.

100% Synthetic fibers in our products based on our commitment to cruelty-free

Our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and AZO-free

20% Reduced landfill waste

100% Transparency for reduced carbon footprint planning

100% Closed loop manufacturing process

50% Recycled water in our automated Jinghai anodization facility

50% Water treated and released with PH6 level

20% Scrap reduction

100% LED lighting