Anisa Telwar Kaicker

With an eye for beauty and design – and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit – Anisa Telwar Kaicker created Anisa International in 1992.

Under her leadership, our company, the only female-owned brush manufacturer in the world, has evolved from a marketing and distribution partner into the industry pioneer of cosmetic brush innovation, design and responsible manufacturing.

Anisa has always viewed the business with a consumer lens and changed the industry by bringing forward the female user perspective. Knowing the products intimately helped her create a shift in thinking from simply providing an inexpensive, low impact application tool that came with a cosmetic product, to crafting customized makeup brushes and product pairings that elevate the consumer experience.

Also, Anisa’s passion for ethical treatment of animals and their well-being has led our company’s efforts as first to transition the industry from animal hair to synthetics that replicate and outperform animal hair cosmetic brushes.

Still today, our company is grounded in Anisa’s personal values, including a keen focus on collaboration, a deep passion for artistry and true innovation, and a strong desire to give back to the community.

We strive to create makeup tools that become exclusive, value-added solutions that exceed our partners’ expectations, every time. Anisa’s unique mark is on everything we do.