We are transparent and we pride ourselves in that.  We also pride ourselves in being compliant and in how we care for our workers and the environment in which they live. This includes environmental initiatives in China including the cleanliness of the air and water. It all matters to us.

Founder & CEO, Anisa Telwar-Kaicker

Anisa International has built the only large scale American-owned brush plant in Tianjin, China. This state-of-the-art facility blends traditional Korean brush-making expertise, Chinese manufacturing efficiency and US capital, management, design and quality control. Working with Anisa International is partnering with an American company with international sales representation around the world.

Companies who partner with Anisa International have an advantage over their competition because of Anisa International’s ability to quickly commercialize new products and deliver consistent and reliable output through its manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China.

For more than a decade, Anisa International’s cosmetic applicators manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China has illustrated the power of responsible manufacturing by exceeding customers’ environmental and labor compliance requirements and improving the lives of workers and Tianjin residents through a number of community and philanthropic efforts.

Through the integration of modern manufacturing technologies, performance measures and safety benchmarks, Anisa International’s plant in Tianjin, China, supports an efficient, trained and highly involved workforce dedicated to producing the best prestige cosmetic brushes at the greatest possible value to Anisa customers.

Responsible manufacturing, transparent business practices and cultural consistencies are commitments that Anisa Tianjin takes seriously. As technologies improve and techniques advance, so does our evaluation of how to do things better, cleaner and with greater safe guards.  As part of our commitment, environmentally sound and sustainably produced beauty tool alternatives are an increasingly important part of what we do. Read More >

How To Become A Strategic Ally

Creating a successful middle-market business, especially one that crosses international borders and requires special manufacturing skills, is never easy,. Listen to Anisa Telwar Kaicker discuss how she overcame these obstacles and grew Anisa International Inc. into a major producer of beauty brushes for the cosmetics industry.

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A Bold Investment Turns 10

Listen to an interview on Manufacturing Revival Radio with Founder, Anisa Telwar, as she speaks to Anisa International’s commitment to manufacturing expertise and building an altruistic corporate culture at its facility in China.

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Work in Process at Makeup Brush Factory

Read an article at Global Atlanta that highlights the handmade aspects of our brushes, the commitment we have made to give back to our communities and our work to improve manufacturing processes.

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Making China Your Manufacturing Hub

Listen to Middle Market Executive’s radio interview with Founder, Anisa Telwar, about Anisa’s manufacturing plant in China.

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