What We Know


We’re the industry’s brush authority; no one knows the brush business like we do.

We know the insights gained from decades of beauty industry expertise make us an invaluable partner.

We know makeup brushes intimately, from the consumer’s point-of-view.

We know that every member of our full service team – from design to manufacturing to marketing support – is the top talent in our field.

We know that our team thrives on collaborating on holistic, custom solutions with your team. As a result…we know the next big innovation in makeup brushes (and the next one after that) will come from Anisa International.

We know that having full control over manufacturing enables us to be extraordinarily reliable and responsive, able to manage costs and timing.

We know that our intense focus on customer service builds trust and strengthens our relationships throughout the entire process.

We know the skills and precise attention to detail of our highly-trained artisans are unmatched in the industry.