What We Make


We make premium cosmetic brushes, skin care tools, storage and brush cleaners that help you enhance your consumer experience.

Better yet, we collaborate with you to design solutions elevating your brand through every step of our integrated process and ensuring consistent quality throughout the full supply chain at our wholly owned, sustainable manufacturing facilities.

Our brushes are crafted with patented technology, win coveted industry awards – and most importantly – become your consumers’ must-have tools.


We don’t just make brushes. We create purposeful artistry. Together, we think through the unique needs of your brand and of the consumer, designing with purpose and precise attention to detail. As innovators and designers, we consider every aspect of your brand’s identity to ensure we meet all of your consumers’ needs. The results are beautifully handcrafted makeup brushes that blend form, function and fashion to align with your brand and formulated products.


Our entire collection of skin care application tools has been developed to enhance your consumers’ beauty routines. Our tools are designed to be compatible with a variety of product formulations for both day and night time skin care rituals.


Our expertise extends to solutions for storing your brushes and tools with style, including cosmetic bags designed for fashion and function. Artistry brushes are an investment, and with proper protection they can last a lifetime.


We have created a comprehensive system of brush cleaners to help extend the life of all cosmetic brushes. From professional-grade liquids and quick-dry sprays to on-the-go wipes and easy-to-use waterless refreshes, we’ve thought of every formulation to remove makeup and maintain every type of brush.